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Paving & Concreting


Are you considering Paving or Concreting for your Home or Business premises?

Fredi Construction are experienced in all types of Paving and also Concrete paths, driveways and property surrounds.

Here is some information on our paving and concreting services and what you may consider before deciding what’s best for your outdoor space.

Paving & Concreting

Considering Paving & Concreting your Adelaide home or business property?

Fredi Construction can supply a quality service.  Here are some factors to consider when choosing between cementing / concreting or choosing pavers for your property upgrade:


Pavers are better when it comes to looks. They can add visual appeal to your property. They are available in a variety of colors and materials and you can mix and match or create patterns of bricks and stones. Your creativity is your limit. However, concrete stencilling is also available these days with a wide range of designs, and colours making your concrete look like pavers.

Cost Comparison

If your choice depends on the budget, concreting is the cheaper option. Pavers cost more in materials and installation labour compared to concreting driveways and paths.

Safety – Paving & Concreting

This may be a factor that you may consider, especially if you have children running outdoors, safety is your priority. Pavers are generally non-slip and skid-resistant. You may then be more comfortable with this choice. And in addition, they have less heat absorption, so no burnt bare little feet. On the other hand, concrete can be slippery when wet.

Durability and Permanence

Concrete paving using sand, gravel and cement, is durable, but also prone to eventual cracking. Repairs could be costly and time consuming considering that you might have to take out an entire slab to repair damage from a large crack.  Pavers on the other hand are long-lasting and strong. Pavers move with the ground underneath; therefore are less likely to crack.

Installation and Maintenance

Concreting is faster, as slabs can be ready to install, but the downside is, it takes time to dry ready for full use.  Pavers need some time to prepare prior to installation. However, you can walk or drive on the pavers instantly after installation! As for  maintenance, concrete needs less maintenance than pavers. Weeds can grow in between pavers.  Staining may be a factor in your considerati0ns.   You can repair cracked or stained pavers individually. Not so for concrete slabs.  As mentioned above, if damage can’t be patched up, you may have to remove the entire slab.

Whether you decide on pavers or concrete for your driveway and outdoors, Fredi Construction can supply a quality service. We have many years experience in concreting and paving, and we can offer the best deal for you. Please contact Fredi Construction Adelaide for your concrete and paving enquiries.

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