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Painting & Rendering


Thinking about painting rendered walls for your Home or Business premises? Fredi Construction are experienced in painting and rendering.

Covering or adding a layer to the wall materials is not only for appearance, but most importantly, to give additional support to the wall structure. Wall rendering keeps the bricks firmly in place together.

painting & rendering.

Considering Painting or Rendering your Adelaide home or business property?

Can you paint on a rendered wall? Absolutely yes! Choose quality painting materials. Quality materials yield quality results. Make sure to purchase the right ones and follow these tips.

Inspect the wall

Check walls for cracks, moss, or old paint that plasterers might have missed. If there are any, you can fill cracks with a surface filler and keep moss away with a moss killer.

Clean Surface

Consider cleaning the wall with a power washer, especially if the rendered surface has been there for quite some time. Power washer dispenses high-pressure water spray, getting rid of loose paint, mould, dust and other dirt.

Sand Uneven Surface

This old trick always works. Check the entire wall to see if it is even or not. Chances are, the renders are uneven. You can use a sander to sand uneven surfaces.

Primer or Stabilising Solutions

Before you start painting your wall, it is crucial that you apply a primer or a stabilising solution first. This will help your paint adhere more to the wall. Then allow it to dry. Primers give you better results and, most importantly, paints last longer.

Paint It!

Once the primer sets, or has dried completely, paint it!  Don’t forget to stir the can thoroughly first, making sure that it is properly mixed. Apply only a minimal amount of paint to your brushes or else taking too much paint can be very messy and incur streaks or drips!

Twice is Nice

More often than not, painting needs a second coat. Make sure to let the first coating dry completely before applying the next. A second coat provides smoother and a more even finish for your walls.

For painting and rendering services, Fredi Construction can supply a quality service. Hiring an experienced team will make a big difference, and we can offer the best deal for you. Please contact Fredi Construction Adelaide for your painting and rendering enquiries.

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