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Experienced Gyprock and Plasterboard in Adelaide

Gyprock and Plasterboard Adelaide Fredi Construction


Thinking about renovating your walls and ceilings?

It is likely that this will be done using Gyprock or plasterboard. Fredi Construction is experienced in all types gyprock or plasterboard installation.


Thinking about renovating your walls and ceilings in your Adelaide home or business property?

Here is some information about Gyprock and Plasterboard:

What’s the difference between Gyprock and Plasterboard?

Not much actually. They are just the same, depending on geographical location; terms vary. Plasterboard is layers of Gypsum plaster in between felt paper layers; it was invented in 1894. It is also called drywall.
Gyprock is more common nowadays, being used in both metal and timber frameworks. It is quick to install and relatively inexpensive. Plasterboards are widely used in ceilings compared to solid plasterboards because they are lighter, easier to transport, and quick to install.

Best things about Gyprock and Plasterboard

The best thing about plasterboards is that they can be mounted to just about anything, from cement, to metal and of course timber. Cover an entire wall or just use it as a separator or barrier between rooms, Plasterboards are very workable. Practically they can be used to cover dirty, outdated walls too!  Best for jobs with tight deadlines. Its installation causes minimal disruption because it doesn’t need ‘noisy’ tools.

These plasterboards are fire-resistant, slowing the fire from spreading. There are also available materials to make it more fireproof. It is dense, so technically noises and echo is minimised from one room to the other. They also absorb moisture, best for humid places.

Homeowners’ Choice

Homeowners these days are considering plasterboards in remodeling their houses. The convenience and benefits make it the best choice. Using plasterboard or Gyprock is a great way to redecorate your place. People who are building their new homes choose this material as well. They opt for this material for the reasons mentioned above, specifically, when they are thinking of having a decorative ceiling.

If you are not sure about doing it yourself, we recommend having your installation done by an experienced team. FREDI CONSTRUCTION offers a wide variety of services including gyprock and plasterboard installation. Please contact Fredi Construction Adelaide for your Gyprock and Plasterboard enquiries.

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