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Experienced Building House Extension in Adelaide

Building House Extension


Are you considering property expansion?

Creating the space you’ve been wanting is achievable by building an extension.

If you're considering extending your home or adding some extra space, Fredi Construction is experienced in all types of home improvement projects including complete home building and quality extensions.

Building House Extension

Some Things to Consider Before You Start Building & Extending

Fredi Construction can supply a quality home expansion service. Home extensions are a typical way to increase space in your homes and add value to your property as well.  Instead of moving house, opt for home expansion instead.  It will save you the hassle of transferring house, and not to mention the overall cost.

Cost of a Home Extension

How much budget is allocated for the project?  It is important to set a budget so we can create a plan and design that is affordable to you.  If you know what you are prepared to spend, then our team will help you get the best out of it. We take pride in working within the client’s budget.

How Long Does it Take

Of course, time is always of the essence. Plan on when you want to get your project started. Fredi Construction will help you every step of the way.

  • The Design phase could take a little time to get it right for you
  • We can work with you in the planning phase
  • We will provide drawings including submission and approval of permits.
  • Of course, these can change depending upon the size of the project. If you have an end point in mind, let us plan with you now.

Home Services

This refers to the basic supply for your home. The gas service, electricity, water and also the drainage. We need to check how the space you are expanding impacts on these services. Additional work in moving these supplies may be needed.

Properties in the Neighbourhood

This is crucial. Since we all want to maintain a good relationship with our neighbours, it is imporatant to ensure your expansion doesn’t affect your neighbouring properties, or any easement. Who owns the fence or the boundary wall? These are just some of the things to be considered.  Chances are your neighbours may object to your expansion if they feel their properties are affected one way or another, or if they haven’t been consulted about the intended works.

Design of your new extension

Unsure? Get some ideas on Pinterest or Google some styles that you might consider as inspiration for your expansion. Pinterest and Google seraches are a good way to gather photos. Bring some ideas to us and we will be glad to help you design the ultimate finished product.

Fredi Construction can supply quality building expansion services for your new home extension. We have many years experience in building and expansion, and we can offer the best planning for you. Please contact Fredi Construction Adelaide for your building extension enquiries.

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