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Bathroom Tiling and Plumbing

Experienced Bathroom Tiling and Plumbing in Adelaide

Bathroom Tiling and Plumbing

Bathroom Tiling and Plumbing in Your Adelaide Home

Do you need tiling and plumbing for your bathroom?

Fredi Construction is experienced in all bathroom tiling and plumbing services including laundries and kitchens.

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom can make a huge difference to your space.

With the right tiles, it can make your small bathroom space look bigger.

The bathroom needs the most plumbing fixtures and drainage compared to any part of your home.

Bathroom Tiling and Plumbing

In Need of Bathroom Tiling and Plumbing in Your Adelaide Home?

Fredi Construction can supply quality services including tiling and plumbing of your bathrooms and kitchen and laundry.

Bathroom Tiling and Plumbing


We offer one of the best bathroom tiling services in Adelaide.  We have a wide variety of tiling styles for you to choose from. Be it a big or small bathroom, the choice of tiles and tiling style really matters. You need to choose carefully for a long term result that you are very happy with.

We can help with your choices and here are quick tips we can offer.

  • Tile Color and Size Are Important – Tile colours and size can be critical. Small bathrooms can look spacious with big, brightly coloured tiles.
  • Rule of Three – Use no more than 3 different tiles in the same color palette. More colors can be too much for the eyes and can then spoil your overall look.
  • Low Maintenance – Porcelain or ceramic bathroom tiles are low-maintenance options. They are less porous, therefore requiring less up-keep.
  • Go Mainstream – If you want your bathroom to look great for years to come, go with a more traditional design. Choose tiles that are universal. Big neutral colors are a basic choice. It is easier to maintain, will look neat and elegant.


Plumbing is one of the many quality services we offer. Whether the job is small or big, we can do it for you. Complex plumbing tasks can be handled easily by our experienced team with great efficiency and professionalism.

From installation to maintenance, we’ve got you covered.  As the bathroom includes most of the plumbing and drainage in your home, any small damage can lead to larger costs, we recommend that you hire professionals to do the job for you – done right the first time!

For your bathroom tiling and plumbing needs, Fredi Constructions offers quality tiling and plumbing services in Adelaide. Please contact Fredi Construction Adelaide for your tiling and plumbing enquiries.

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